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"Jeanette Kramer began working on my multiple accounts when she was working with Gregory Norris, at Norris & Benedict CPA, my longtime accountant and confidant. When he died in 2008, it was difficult and under the circumstances she handled all of my accounting as smoothly as anyone I think could have.I remained with her company because she impressed me with her knowledge of my real estate business, by understanding tax laws, rules, obligations and the like, allowing me to keep more in my pocket from my investments. She thoroughly knows my accounts and makes suggestions for improving my bottom line.She and her office staff communicates well with mine and they are ready and willing to help throughout the year no matter what project I may have that needs their assistance."

- David F. Lewis, Luke Land Realty

"BNU Corporation is a real estate holdings company with commercial properties located in Phoenix and Las Vegas. Our Corporation and parent company, COFCO Corporation located in Beijing, China, always relies on Kramer Public Accounting Group for our annual audits, reviews, and complex tax reporting. Over the years, I have worked directly with Ms. Jeanette Kramer whose vast tax and audit experience has helped our executive management to better understand the complexities of generally accepted accounting principles and the tax law that is always changing. Jeanette has worked very hard to build a great team of accountants and staff to meet all our needs. The professionalism and attention to details has always impressed the board of directors and officers. We are always proud to report our results both timely and accurately knowing that Jeanette and her team is always there for us."

- Robert Reblin, Executive Vice President, BNU Corporation

"Jeanette Kramer has been our accountant for seven years. During that time, she has not only become a most reliable, competent and trustworthy accountant, but she has endeared herself to us as a dear friend as well. Her abilities as an accountant and financial consultant have allowed us to seek and find a financial stability which we could never have achieved without her. We not only appreciate her professional acumen, but also are indebted to her for her performances."

- J. DeAngelis, M.D.

"I run two non-profit corporations and Jeanette keeps me out of trouble so I can focus on issues that matter to my clients and members."

- G. Patterson, Director, Arizona Competitive Power Alliance and Water Utilities Association of Arizona

"I have found Jeanette and her staff to be extremely timely, and most work is completed in a few days after I give them the information they need. They are cheerful and friendly, not the stiff shirts like some of the other firms. I have also found their work to be impeccable and at a reasonable cost."

- S. Davis, President, Clamp Pad Innovations, Inc.

"I would suspect most small to medium business owners run their businesses to make money, but more importantly, to achieve personal satisfaction in the process. I appreciate that quality in your company and know you are very 'hands on' with me to help me achieve my goals. We are an integral part of the working process and when I feel comfort and safety in your ability to provide a proven quality product to me, it makes the end product so much more gratifying."

- S. Myers, President, Pension Funds of Arizona