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Welcome. This website serves to provide a glimpse of our services but does not convey the depth of our knowledge or level of professionalism. I want to encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call. You will see very quickly why we are the Phoenix accounting firm of choice for so many business and individual customers. Sincerely, Your Phoenix CPA, Jeanette Kramer, President, Kramer Public Accounting Group.

"I would suspect most small to medium business owners run their businesses to make money, but more importantly, to achieve personal satisfaction in the process.  I appreciate that quality in your company and know you are very "hands on" with me to help me achieve my goals.  We are an integral part of the working process and when I feel comfort and safety in your ability to provide a proven quality  product to me, it makes the end product so much more gratifying."

- S. Myers, President, Pension Funds of Arizona







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